• **Sunday, December 22 - "Dreaming of 'God with us'."  Matthew 1:18-25.  

    **Christmas Eve Tuesday, December 24 at 5:00 pm.  Our Christmas eve service is deliberately early.  it's a good service for children but also for adults who have other obligations on Christmas eve. Music and carols, lighting a candle and candlelight prayer.  come put some hope in your life.

    **Sunday, December 29 - "Not ashamed of Us."  So often we act as if we are ashamed of the gospel of jesus.  Guess what?  Amazingly, he's not ashamed of us!  Hebrews 2:10-18.

    **New Year’s Eve, Tuesday December 31 – “Watch Night” service at 8pm. For the spiritual as well as for the religious.  A meditative experience to help you start the New year right.

    **Sunday, Jan. 5 - holy communion and epiphany celebrated.  "Speaking in Buddha, Dreaming in Christian."  John 1:10-18.

    **Sunday, Jan. 12 - “Re-enchanting the world – on the Baptism of Jesus and other mysteries.” Mt. 3:13-17.  Bible study after worship.

    **Sunday, Jan. 19 - “Curiosity Killed the Cat…. And Other Half-Truths.”  Isa. 40:1-11. John 1:35-42.  Biblical Storyteller Thelma Thomas tells a story in worship.  Fellowship lunch after worship with Thelma Thomas presenting.

    **Sunday, Jan. 26 - “Is It Your Turn?”  Mt. 4:12-18.  The annual congregational budget meeting follows the conclusion of worship.